Point the Anti-Air SEARCHLIGHT at enemy planes, the AA will shoot them, but only if it can see them.

Controls:  WASD / Arrow Keys

Game Over when: Home base gets hit with 3 aircraft bombs


by andreferreira (@_andreferreira_)

Brackeys Game Jam 2018
Theme: Light

Check out the UX/GameUserResearch article on the game by Elizabeth Larez:


SEACHLIGHT is an action-shooter game made for Brackeys Game Jam 2018. After the jam is over the game will be updated with a lot of exciting features! Your feedback is golden, so please let us know what you think! Hope you enjoy!

The World War II is at its peak! As the Searchlight, you must ensure that your allied anti-aircraft gun can see and hit enemies’ aircrafts, and you must protect your home base from being destroyed.

Check if you can keep up the pace and protect your base!

André Ferreira (@_andreferreira_) - Game Designer, Developer, Art & Sound Effects
Elizabeth Larez (@E1Larez) - UX & Game User Research Consultant



searchlights_windows_build.zip 14 MB
searchlights_macos_build.zip 20 MB


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Love the art style and mechanics however i think it can be improved by making the light move faster and getting the total kills and high score working for the webgl build. Also sometimes i don't see anything in the light however i hear a bomb sound then a plane crashes to the base.

Hey, thanks for playing my game! 

The crash at the base means some plane sneaked by  unnoticed, which I get is kinda annoying given the speed of the light. The scoreboard is crashing randomly, still not sure why =/


The planes crash even though i don't see any thing in the light...Maybe they go behind/in front of the big airship and they aren't visible bc they're the same colour.

I took a look at the light speed and saw that it was set to a debug value i used for fine tunning, thank you for pointing it out.

Just submitted a bug fix regarding the highscore issue as well.

Thank you for your amazing feedback, feel free to give it another shot.